Exposé Reveals Local Hospital Saving Lives

LONDON, ON – In a shocking revelation, we learned today that LHSC is treating suicidal patients as if their lives are worth something.

“They removed anything I could use to kill myself,” one patient said. “I came here because I wanted to hurt myself, and they wouldn’t even let me try!”

Suicidal patients who were still visibly breathing shared how badly they were mistreated by hospital staff, describing the safe rooms in which they were kept, and the obscene lack of privacy as medically-trained professionals monitored their behaviour – removing their right to execute their plans to harm themselves.

LHSC logoReports of stripped-down, prison-like rooms were uncovered, with secret cell phone photos showing nothing whatsoever that could be used as a tool for self-injury. One suicide survivor wept as she explained how dehumanizing it was to be treated like a life worth saving.

“I tried so hard to die, but they wouldn’t let me,” she sobbed. “Why couldn’t they have put me in a room were I could be left unattended with items I could use creatively to murder myself?”

One survivor remains confused by the staff’s lack of empathy. While placed under a 72-hour mandatory hold pending psychiatric review, he felt as if people were constantly looking out for his well-being.

Hospital staff were too busy keeping people alive to comment.

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  1. Your writing is consistently, brilliantly refreshing. And your brain is really quite amazing. LOVE this post. (Love them all, to be fair.)

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