Take 10 with… Author Janalynne Rogers

A peek inside the mind of Canadian literature’s least depressing new voice

With her debut novel Maybe I Do comfortably settled at the top of the best­‐seller list for the 27th consecutive week, a successful whirlwind of a promo tour behind her, and three studios reportedly vying for the movie rights, you might assume Janalynne Rogers would stop to take a breather. But the flame­‐haired dynamo is already midway through her next project: a book for children called No, Chocolate is Not a Vegetable.

We tracked Jai down at her treehouse in London, Ontario and convinced her to pause Netflix long enough to answer our completely random questions.

What would they call your biography?
50 Shades of Red. No, Auburn. No, Copper. 50 Shades of Various Shades Vaguely Connected to Red. Rediology? Wait… I’ve got it: Ginger, Snapped

What achievement are you most proud of?
Purchasing the only Mini Cooper S that is invisible to radar.

What achievement are you least proud of?
Purchasing so many books in a year that Jeff Bezos sent me a thank-you gift.

Who do you admire most?
My grandfather, always. He arrived in Canada on a boat with nothing but his wife and toddlers, and proceeded to build a legacy out of discipline, integrity and honour.

What is your favourite number?
Eleven. Everyone asks you to pick something between one and ten, but I’m a firm believer in exceeding expectations.

What does your ideal day look like?
Ideally, I’d be doing work I am proud of and going home to people who are proud of me. If that’s not attainable, that day would probably involve doing something that would horrify my mother. That’s always entertaining.

Coffee or tea?

Hockey or baseball?
I’m sorry… when you said hockey, I thought you’d ask me to choose between two sports.

What’s one thing about you that people always get wrong?
A lot of people think I take life too seriously because I’m so intense about the things I am passionate about. But I find immense pleasure in pointing out life’s absurd and ironic moments.

If you could pick an animal to describe yourself, which would it be?
I was once told I was a duck, because they appear to be gliding along effortlessly when they’re really working like mad beneath the surface to get things done. But I like to think I’d be an octopus. Able to grasp eight things at once and lethal with ink.

The special beach­‐blanket version of Maybe I Do, with an all­‐new forward by Justin Trudeau and a limited edition margarita-scented cover, will be released July 1, 2017.